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See All Men Accessories-Classic Must-Have Leather Accessories for Men Men are men and men are tough (or at least they try to look so). In their pursuit to look tougher, they seek support from accessories which can help them build such an image. The material these accessories are made of also holds a lot of importance. Thus, leather accessories are the favourite accessories of men thanks to the rough and tough feel of leather. From the very start, leather has been serving human beings in many ways. This resulted in the use of leather in the making of many accessories. Here we have listed 10 of the most iconic and classic men leather accessories must have. These accessories will add the touch of elegance and class to your overall personality and must be a part of your daily routine if you aim to be a classy man. So, let’s get started! 1. Classic Leather Suspenders,2. Classic Leather Watches,3. Leather Wallets,5. Leather Bag,6. Leather Notepad Case,7. Men's Leather Gloves,9.Leather Travel Document Holder,10. Leather Keychains.eather has become a symbol of men's traditional fashion through handmade craftsmanship. These accessories can be bought as essential items to match your.